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And even though I never met him, I’m a fan of what he does.But at the same time, it’s a little odd, take it from the other side to interact with people who you don’t necessarily know and they know you or they think they know you from your work.He says the whole experience has given him a new perspective of the LAPD: “It’s really gratifying and it’s gotten me more in touch with my own city…Things from an earlier generation of the LAPD, they really aren’t reflective of the current LAPD as I’ve experienced it.We have a lot of interaction with members of the LAPD because on our show any cops who are in the background kind of walking through the scene, those are real cops off duty.And the vast majority of these men and women are good, hardworking men and women trying to patrol what’s arguably the hardest city in the country to patrol.And so the negative stereotypes that I think have traditionally come along with the LAPD in the 80s and 90s are really outdated.So I would say my opinion of them is completely switched in the past four years while working on the show.” There are some actors who are never able to stop being known for one role in their career.

He admits, that in his case, doing that gave him an entirely different perspective about being in the acting world.I would encourage any young person who’s considering being an actor go to college first and to get a degree in something else and I also think living in the real world and you know, waiting tables like I did after college before I ever got a break acting wise and doing things like that also sort of remind you of how blessed you are as an actor to get any kind of recognition to be able to make a living at it all. It’s exceedingly rare you know, probably 1 in 1000 actors is actually able to make a living year in and year out through acting. I’m very grateful to my parents for you know, sending me to college and letting me have that experience because I think it’s allowed me to see that if this were all to end tomorrow, that would be fine.I could go off and I could do something else.” I asked Ben what he would like people to know about him that they don’t, as well as what his hopes for the future are: “I’m a private guy so I want them to know as little about me as they can.He thinks actors who have spent their life only in that art, don’t have a full understanding of the world.Mc Kenzie also believes his humble beginnings really helped him before he made it big.

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And so I have a very positive and somewhat in awe of what they do.

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