Ddclient not auto updating

In the Google Domains section there's an option to set up dynamic DNS for a given domain name.

You just specific the subdomain (I named mine 'scooter' as seen below) and pointed it to one of my domain names that I had registered with Google Domains.

Okay, so maybe I'll try the DDclient, since that looks to be a supported client. Since I was running an Ubuntu operating system, I chose to use the apt-get package manager.

=============================================================================== Dynamic DNS services currently supported include: Dyn - See details on obtaining a free account. Name Cheap - See details Con Cont - See for details Dns Park - See details Dsl Reports - See details Sitelutions - See details Loopia - See details Noip - See for details Freedns - See for details Change IP - See for details dtdns - See for details nsupdate - See nsupdate(1) and ddns-confgen(8) for details Cloud Flare - See https:// for defails DDclient now supports many of cable/dsl broadband routers.Dynamic DNS service provider: "other" Dynamic DNS server: "eurodyndns.org" Dynamic DNS update protocol: "dyndns2" Dyn DNS fully qualified domain names: "subdomain.your-eurodns-domain.tld" Username for dynamic DNS service: "eurodns-site-login" Password for dynamic DNS service: "eurodns-site-password" Network interface used for dynamic DNS service: "eth0" # Euro DNS Configuration example # /etc/pid=/var/run/protocol=dyndns2 use=web server=update.ssl=yes login=eurodns-site-login password=eurodns-site-password subdomain.INSTALLATION: cp ddclient /usr/sbin/ mkdir /etc/ddclient mkdir /var/cache/ddclient cp sample-etc_/etc/ddclient/vi /etc/ddclient/-- and change hostnames, logins, and passwords accordingly ## For those using rc files and using daemon-mode: cp sample-etc_rc.d_init.d_ddclient /etc/rc.d/init.d/ddclient ## activate automatic startup when booting ## check your distribution /sbin/chkconfig --add ddclient ## start the first time by hand /etc/rc.d/init.d/ddclient start ## If you are not using daemon-mode, configure cron and dhcp or ppp.Some routers allow you to use any dynamic DNS service that's compliant with standards; Euro Dyn DNS is one of them. hostname=%HOSTNAME%&myip=%NEW_IP%To get the current Internet IP address you'll need to use this webpage: any developers who wants to create their own client update for the Euro Dyn DNS service, here's how: The username and password must be provided using http basic authentication. Please note that regrettably, Euro DNS does not provide support for this service.And if we check Google Domains: It shows it was modified at AM, so pretty close.2 seconds is within the realm of a clock being slow/fast.

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