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They would also like to thank Jason Tse Siu Kei for his excellent research assistance.The authors are grateful to Gina Marchetti for her insights into celebrity culture in Hong Kong and to the students in the course on ‘Law and Film’ at the University of Hong Kong in 2009 for their lively discussion of the Chen scandal.Even though some unhappy incidents have occurred in the past, I never had any evil intent and did not do those things on purpose.They were an accident," he added, referring to the scandal where private photos of him in bed with Hong Kong stars such as Cecilia Cheung and Gillian Chung were leaked.

He revealed that when he initially invested HK.5 million (S5,000), his father told him that he would lose it all.

Hong Kong actor and singer Edison Chen has spoken out on his 2008 sex photo scandal, saying that it was "an accident".

In a reality programme that aired on web magazine Vice China called "Being EDC", he also said that he would not change anything that had happened."I am very happy now.

Chen has since refused to return to Hong Kong to participate in the trial of Sze Ho-Chun, a Hong Kong computer technician who allegedly distributed photos across the internet. Chen testified Monday that he will not reveal anything of an intimate nature regarding any of the women in the photos. I believe it's wrongdoing to them for me to state facts that I believe are irrelevant to this case," Chen said in testimony for a trial taking place in Hong Kong. Supreme Court Justice Elaine Adair presided at the public hearing as commissioner, but the proceedings were conducted under Hong Kong law.

The Hong Kong court — including a magistrate and several lawyers — booked a courtroom at the B. Dressed in a black suit, black tie and tan dress shirt, the singing and acting star was greeted Monday by a crowd of fans and photographers as he entered the courthouse. Chen, 27, testified he never intended for anyone to see the explicit photographs.

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