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Yesterday, 6th October 2014 the Hacienda introduced an online appointment system.The initial services offered will include general information, certificates, census (change of details), checking of tax returns following campaigns. I don't do the 210 because I am permanently resident but usually it is a question of how the property has been registered.The easy way is to check your council tax (IBI or Impuesto sobre Bienes Imuebles).Have you discovered that the simplest of transactions are difficult to conclude?

También se llama "libro" a una obra de gran extensión publicada en varias unidades independientes, llamados "tomos" o "volúmenes".

We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice.

As an expatriate living in Spain; do you find that the Spanish bureaucratic system can be disconcerting?

If you google "cita previa agencia tributaria catalunya" you should be able to get an appointment.

If not just toddle along to your nearest Agencia Tributaria.

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Yesterday, 6th October 2014 the Hacienda introduced an online appointment system. An info document with detailed guidance and screenshots has been uploaded in the Library, Taxation Section. Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation.

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  1. As such, there is really no procedure for renewing the U. However, some of the applicants may not need to attend the fingerprint appointment and/or consular interview, as described below. Within this program, there are two categories of applicants: those who still need to appear for the fingerprinting and others who don't need even that.