Intimidating words

Once we say we're working on something, we're not allowed to 'take it back'.

So, being a woman who used to mold and fold herself to meet society’s standards of “the girl he wants to date,” I started Googling to see exactly what men found intimidating in a woman, all in an effort to fix it in myself.But as I got older, and the men I’d date started calling me intimidating as a way to weasel out of the situation we were in, I realized that the opposite sex didn’t always see intimidation as a positive thing.And in talking to my queer friends, I found that this phenomenon seems to mainly occur in heterosexual relationships.Culbert has long said his goal is to make the world of work fit for human consumption. Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan's latest blog post is a revealing read.

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As players, it's easy to get frustrated with developers when we feel like they're not reacting to requests, or making changes that seem obvious.

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