I have the same problem as @shgn Inc, I've got 4 sites, the first 3 run on 9000 - 9002, but the 4th site is configured in the nginx and php-fpm conf files to use port 9003, and I've restarted both services but I see nothing for Yes, I had the similar problem when trying to launch the Silex application.

Documentation suggests to configure vhost with path "/var/run/php-fpm/ but in my php-fpm configuration it was set to listen "/var/run/php5-fpm.sock", so I had to also put the same value for the vhost configuration. If there is not an Iptables Rule to open the port serving the fcgi script you will receive a 502 error.

presumably I'm getting the error because the spawn-fcgi / php5-cgi dies and there is nothing listening there anymore to parse php.

I get nothing in the logs that I can see anywhere, I'm out of ideas (and new to this setup with nginx) The 502 error appears because nginx cannot hand off to php5-cgi.

So you may try to reset the web browser's proxy and then you may try to access again the website to see if it works fine.

Generally the proxy settings are located in the web browser's options page under the section "Advanced" - "LAN Settings".

For your information, a VPN is the best service to stay anonymous online and hide the IP address online.

This web proxy server may allow you to access in case it is blocked in your PC.

Visit blocked websites without the need to install third-party software or edit the browser settings.

If you are having the problem due to a permission problem, you can uncomment the following lines from: /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/If you're on Ubuntu, and all of the above has failed you, App Armor is most likely to blame.

Here is a good guide how to fix it: https:// Long story short: I still had problems with Nginx not being able to read error.log, even though it had all the permissions possible, including in Apparomor.

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