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The character voices, while occasionally goofy sounding, are all present.

Whether or not the game plays like the arcade version all depends on which controller you use.

But fans of the other versions of MK4 won't be disappointed with this excellent translation.

A note: Before jumping into the review, we need to warn you that Mortal Kombat is one of the bloodiest in a long series of bloody games dating back to the early days of gaming. There's a lot of dismemberment, beheading and other gory things rendered in exquisite lifelike detail.

However, he is also a selectable character, which left arcade players with no big boss to look forward to.

To remedy that, the home version contains MK1's four-armed bad boy, Goro.

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The fatalities look nice, but too many of them are merely 3D updates to old fatalities, and the new fatalities in MK4 simply aren't that great.

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