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The IDs would last even after the app was deleted or the entire phone was wiped.

While this helped keep drivers honest, it was clearly a privacy violation -- and it was made worse by Uber's bid to hide the tracking from App Store reviewers.

Nearly every i Phone owner's been there: you're snapping pictures or getting ready to download a new game, and you get that dreaded message warning you that your storage is almost full. If you feel like your storage is filling up faster than it used to, you may be on to something.

An examination of the most-installed apps for i OS from mobile analysis firm Sensor Tower has found that the size of those apps is, on average, 11 times bigger than they were in 2013.

Nelson has not run a similar analysis for Android, though growth causes such as additional features would logically apply there as well.

It's good to hear that the company isn't tracking people, but the heart of the story revolves around hardware fingerprints -- those still violated Apple's privacy guidelines, even if Uber couldn't definitively associate phones with specific customers."We absolutely do not track individual users or their location if they've deleted the app.Games grow for a similar reason; new levels or features in Candy Crush take up extra space, as do prettier graphics that want to take full advantage of the i Phone's screen technology.There are also some technical reasons that app size is ballooning, Nelson said.And there’s not a clear solution for consumers about how to solve this issue.We can, of course, rely more on the mobile Web or simply use fewer apps.

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Reportedly, Kalanick told staff to "obfuscate" the Uber app's fingerprinting code for anyone operating from Apple's current headquarters in Cupertino.

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