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‘It’s the most vital creature in Alaska for animals and humans,’ explains Adam.

The series will take a look at how humans manage to live peacefully alongside the famously aggressive Alaskan moose, whose antlers can grow to 6ft in span.You don’t see anything like this anywhere else on earth.’Matt Baker will anchor the show from the Tongass National Forest, part of the largest temperate, or cool, rainforest region on the planet.There are islands, mountains, forest and glaciers, home to an array of wildlife from Kodiak bears, the biggest brown bears on Earth, to the bald eagles who gather in enormous flocks.But Wild Alaska series producer Adam White promises footage to surpass even the marvels of the Pacific, whether it’s bears capturing salmon mid-air as they leap from waterfalls or humpback whales hunting in their summer feeding grounds.‘This time we’re going to go bigger and wilder than Big Blue Live,’ he says. The largest state in the union, it has 50 million acres of wilderness – forests cut through with glaciers, mountains and raging rivers.

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