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During winter nothing is more cozy than a pair of fuzzy socks to wear under your boots when you go outside or wear with your pajamas to be at home.Here at Zaful, we have an extensive collection of cool socks and tights that will help you to nail your fall and winter outfits. Without a doubt, this is the season for fishnet tights.This year we have seen them all over the red carpet and the runways.Here are answers to the questions we're asked most often. You can ask us anything using the form in the middle of this page. There are many accessories available to assist with the donning of compression stockings.Donning gloves are one of the most useful and inexpensive donning accessories.Gloves not only protect the stocking from snags and runs, they allow you to get a good grip on the fabric.It's very easy to smooth out wrinkles and adjust the length by using the palms of the gloves.

Pulling up on the handles, pulls the stocking up your leg.Bright Life Direct sells 4 different stocking donners and there is an instructional video on each product page..Knee high stockings typically roll for two reasons: they are too long, or stretched too tight at the top.The lotion makes your legs very slippery for a short period of time, so the stockings can easily slide onto your foot and up your leg.Silicone lotions are hypoallergenic and won't harm the fabric of your compression stockings.

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