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He wondered if they'd let him compose a final email to his mother back in London.

* * * * John had been in Miami for a conference on protists when the US military had made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Sullivan might have sounded like she was more at home baking apple pies, but she was a fastidious and highly efficient researcher, if a little unimaginative. * * * * The lab went into lockdown at pm on a Tuesday evening.

That was both the positive and negative of her military background. It was easy to joke about that classic oxymoron, American Intelligence, but they knew enough to seek out someone who could think outside of the box. John was working late and the only person in the lab.

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If they weren't interested in retaining anything, or were really scared of further breaches, the second system was set up to incinerate the contents of the lab. "I'm sure you've already noticed the excessive security at this facility. One lunch break he and Vailati had laughed while watching the prim and proper Sullivan pick her nose when she thought no one was watching. The circular tank with walls of reinforced glass was empty. * * * * Gaseous exchange, John had pedantically told his fellow students during a Student Union screening of The Blob.

He'd thought it sounded excessive when they'd described the system to him. You'll be happy to know it's not because we're manufacturing weapons of mass destruction." "That's a relief," Vailati said. They were not going to freeze him into an icicle—or nuke him into a pile of ashes—unless they were absolutely sure there had been a hazardous containment breach. Sometimes the littlest of things pleased the biggest of minds. That was the reason why The Blob, Caltiki or any other B-movie blob monster couldn't possibly exist.

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"Well, yes" He had been studying it for the past three and a half years. Translated from military-speak what he really meant was: Professor Feldherr is old, knows his own mind, and is far less likely to follow orders without question than a fresh-faced young limey. They wanted him for his expertise, but also because they knew he'd be easier to control than an irascible old professor. He would have prayed as well, but he was an atheist and couldn't see the point. The first pumped super-cooled gas into the room, dropping the temperature down to around -190 °C in a few seconds and turning the whole lab into a giant ice box. He can't do that effectively if he isn't aware of all the facts." Chastened, the young soldier stepped back out of the conversation. No one was replying because they were too busy running diagnostic checks and hunting for whatever software glitch had flipped the alarm. Then he tapped an icon and brought up the feed from the internal lab cams.

That was if they wanted to preserve and retrieve any of the samples. "From another dimension, to be more specific," Vailati continued. They didn't get back to him and neither did the next five names he tried. Don't speak to the poor sucker you might have to incinerate. He knew CCTV covered the whole of the interior of the lab.

That was because films and videogames were designed to generate excitement.

In a dangerous lab environment excitement was a bad thing.

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