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Single Tournament has 50 unique international fighters (a minor character with its own profile) and 11 grand prix tournaments to choose from.

These 3-round competitions have various rings, rules and difficulty levels; the different types of tournament are Exhibition Tournament, Street Fight GP, Breakout GP, Heat GP, Bounding GP, Bomber GP, Golden Glove GP, Weapon Master GP, Hyper GP, Magnum Force GP and Maximum GP.

An illicit mixed martial arts competition sponsored by Majima is held in the area beneath Kamurocho Hills, formerly Purgatory.

The arena is inspired by real life Japanese cage fighting competitions such as K-1 World Grand Prix; gameplay is similar to fighting games Toshihiro Nagoshi previously worked on such as Virtua Fighter 5 and Spike Out.

Fifteen of these bounty hunter sidestories are located in Kamurocho, the remaining five in Ryukyu.

In the eastern releases, the main story is completed with 103 unique side stories called "sub-scenarios" ("substory" in the original version, sabustori).

These are aromatherapy massage (eastern releases only), darts, pool, karaoke, bowling, mahjong (eastern releases only), chinchirorin, shogi (eastern releases only), chō-han, koi-koi, oicho-kabu, roulette, poker, blackjack, Answer & Answer (eastern releases only), UFO Catcher, batting cage, golf, surf fishing and Boxcelios.

2-player support for some of these mini games and an expansion for Answer & Answer are added through DLC, as well as main menu direct access in the eastern releases.

As a mixed game including elements of the sandbox game and RPG genres, Yakuza 3 includes a "Completion" feature that sums up what percentage of the game was actually completed by the player. Kabukicho's tie-in are Club Sega game centers, Don Quijote discount stores, This also applies to bars and pubs, since the Suntory group produces alcohol and owns many licenses for foreign alcoholic beverages like Early Times whiskey, Beefeater Gin, Courvoisier cognac and Carlsberg Beer.

Only 100% completion (Completion Sub-Scenario) will unlock the final mission involving a recurring hidden all-black character named Jo Amon 亞門 丈 The following extended chart includes the Completion feature and shows the differences between the eastern and western releases. Suntory vending machines are still disseminated within Kamurocho as in the previous games.

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