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His nose twitches in 1.03 "Meet John Smith." The first man in the Bible. He's to blame for humanity's downfall, according to Judeo-Christian tradition.He fell victim to his wife's nagging ("Try the fruit, honey! ") and his own male ego ("God ain't got nothin' on me! He made nakedness naughty but nice ("Bring me my fig leaf now, woman! The poster on the Hearst College wall agrees in 2.16 "The Rapes of Graff," and Veronica and Piz probably wish he'd left that apple alone in 3.20 "The Bitch Is Back." Big-mouthed college friend of Lianne's.But his charming personality and alleged ability to play "Chopsticks" let 25 be put in the Animal Witness Protection Program as Oscar, destined to live a long full life filled with squeaky toys and an adoring scientist.Good thing Veronica has a soft spot for animals in 3.10 "Show Me the Monkey." Either a spin-off of The 4400 in real-time format, or more likely, the impressive SAT score and nickname of a student.Lianne stayed with her for a while, until fear of Keith and of her friend's inability to keep a secret made her run again.

In Neptune, she rarely visits non-09er kids, sending her cousin the Minimum Wage Fairy instead.

(No offense, Jake, but the last few years really haven't been kind on you. Perhaps we can discern some clues from those numbers. Plus, it's only one number off from 23, an important number in Discordianism.

Must be karma.) 2400 proves to be the key to the Castle in 3.20 "The Bitch Is Back." The anonymous person who sent Woody Goodman an email saying "Kill incorporation or else" and an audio file of Marcos Oliveres and Peter Ferrer saying that Woody was a pedophile. Sixty-seven is an irregular and lucky prime number and also the atomic number of holmium.

How they fit into the Maria Taylor/Kim Taylor bill, we're unsure, given that they're five dudes. His was destined to be a short life, filled with experimental pills, lab tests, and ending in an autopsy performed to determine the effectiveness of said pills.

They round out an advertised night of Southern rock in 3.05 "President Evil." monkey.

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