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Some suggest they’re hoping a relationship develops; others explicitly imply a sexual relationship is on offer in exchange for support, with several posting racy pictures and promising to provide private ones as well.

A number of women don’t show their faces on their public profiles, with some suggesting they want to keep their identity concealed so it doesn’t potentially harm their future employment prospects.

The difference here is somebody goes on and says ‘I’m looking for someone who is willing to potentially assist me financially,’ ” she said, adding there’s nothing illegal about the service.“It’s all up front, so they know right away they’re not being chased by a gold digger.”German noted the company actively polices the site to weed out escorts, often with the help of the “sugar daddies” themselves, who aren’t looking for those relationships.

A glance at some of Seeking Arrangement’s Alberta user profiles shows many claim they are currently attending university and looking for financial aid.

Rebecca Sullivan is the director of the women’s studies program at the U of C, and noted that however such arrangements are painted, in almost every case it ultimately boils down to cash for sex, which creates not only a stigma for the women involved, but may also limit their future prospects.“This is sex work.

It may not be just providing (sexual acts), but they’re providing intimate relationships for a fee,” Sullivan said, adding she is in favour of legalizing and regulating prostitution to help remove the stigma that surrounds sex workers.“There is a high level of stigma.

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But student advocates warn such arrangements can be fraught with peril, exposing them to potential exploitation or abuse with few avenues to disentangle themselves from a bad situation.

Matchmaking website Seeking Arrangement this week released its rankings of Canadian universities that have had students sign up in search of financial aid.

Equating relationships to a business deal, the company said clients hammer out financial arrangements with benefactors ahead of time, leaving the expectations of such an accord between them.

Calgary’s two universities have significantly fewer members, with 90 registered at Mount Royal University and just 47 at the University of Calgary.

Data was not available for Alberta’s other post-secondary institutions.

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