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The PR3 is the combination of two previous Digitrax devices: the PR2 decoder programmer and the MS100 Loco Net to computer interface.The PR3 can be configured through manual (control panel buttons) or automatically (software) means to perform any one of the following three operations: a) The PR3 can be configured to function as a stand alone decoder programmer.KB77 PR3 - Using USBDeview Utility to uninstall failed PR3 installations Note: If the PR3 driver installation process fails, you will have to uninstall the VCOM USB driver before attempting reinstallation.

The PR3 is so designed so that it can be configured to act as a stand alone Loco Net controller in the event that a Digitrax command station is unavailable for the control of a series of Loco Net compatible devices.The "Loco Net termination" mode of the PR3 allows the unit to connect to other modules without needing a command station, when there is no requirement for DCC track packets. KB195 PR3 - Hardware Setup Sound Loader and PR3 have been tested to work on PC compatible computers running at 550MHz and up with Windows XP or Vista, 512MB of RAM.In this mode you can interface to a PC and add units like DS64's with control of turnouts and detection (BDL168) and signals (SE8) without needing to run DCC track control or decoders. Other combinations of hardware and software such as Windows 98 may also work, but are not supported by Digitrax, and have not been tested to operate properly.2) Digitrax command station Loco Net to Computer interface As a layout control tool the PR3 is a second generation ...KB169 PR3 Operational Modes What are the different operational modes available in the PR3?

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2) Open system profiler or About This Mac and under hardware KB196 PR3 - Software Setup for Microsoft Windows XP When the PR3 is powered up and properly operating, the green ‘USB’ light on the PR3’s control panel will be blinking steadily and the red ‘STAT’ will be blinking momentarily.

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