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To keep it a binary option, just ask if the user has a penis. spamjim: Please read the referenced article in the OP. " Gender identity issues are far more complex than that, which is the entire point of having this conversation.If you don't personally care about this issue, that's fine, but belittling the concerns of those who do is degrading the quality of the discussion here.This data is also used as one means of tracking diversity initiatives within the community, which I recognize may not be important to everyone, but is a really important boasting point for Drupal, whose female participation rate is about 10x the open source average.For some, selecting "Female" in the gender field is a badge of pride, a way to be "out and proud" about contributing to open source, and bucking the trend.I understand Laura's point in #16, but I don't see any reasonable technical way to address it (see Damien's #19), apart from dropping the field entirely, which I outlined in #11 that I really don't want to do.If that's the group consensus, then so be it, but I think it would be a step backwards, when the point of this issue is to be - Based on that, it felt right to have an other (though perhaps it should be it's complicated); and that's not the same as leaving it blank; It's import to some to be able to identify as something.

It should be useful for collecting demographic/diversity stats on the community over time, and for pronoun usage.

I think we did not yet have reached a consensus here.

In general I think that data colection should be minimized, especially when it does not offer any discernible benefits.

Chosing the correct pronoun does IMO not count as such. The field is also optional (which I strongly believe it should remain), effectively allowing for a "Buzz off and leave me alone" option.

(long and rambly; sorry, I am very distracted today, but hopefully something in here makes sense.) Correct pronoun usage doesn't sound like a huge benefit, I realize, but it's important from a community interaction perspective.

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Which diversity gets into the dropdown and which is relegated to "other"?

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